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Want to get your website on page one of Google and increase your profits?

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Services Offered:

  • Copy writing
  • Website design and construction
  • Optimisation of your existing website to get it on page one of Google
  • E-Marketing advice
  • Developing your business online

Google Page One Successes

Guess what else happens when your website appears on Page One of Google ? You also find your website on other page one listings on Yahoo, AOL, Ask, MSN, etc.

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search engine expertise

Search Engine Optimisation

Here at the Search Engine Company, we're in the business of search engine optimisation, e-marketing and internet marketing.

  • We thrive on sucess, a success borne from expertise and experience. We don't just do 'bolt-on' solutions; we analyse, discuss, consult, re-analyse and develop a solution that won't just get you up there in Google searches, but will increase profits in your organisation - if you make more profit, you smile more when you pay us, Simple as that!
  • We have over a decade of experience and were optimising web sites back when everyone thought AOL 'was the Internet' and email was the preserve of just database geeks and software boffins.
  • Great listings need great SEO, and we know promotion is more than the sum of its parts. A synergy of comprehensive search engine submission, creative copy optimisation and systematic market and site analysis is the engine behind all great brand placement. We know what turns a searcher into a finder, and a finder into a customer.
  • We make it our business to form excellent client communications and relationships. To us it's just second nature. But we think it makes us a unique kind of search engine optimisation and e-marketing company.


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